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Tuesday, 18/Dec/2007

Crofting on Islay and Jura

This link has been in my bookmarks for a few weeks, I hope I haven't posted it yet. Otherwise it will be just like on television, where they repeat everything as well. Here we go: Quite a lot of work on Islay and Jura is probably provided by the whisky and tourism industry. Farming also plays an important part in providing employment. Which leads me to the link I found a few weeks ago and wanted to share today: Croftwork - Sunday Herald: Life: People, Lifestyles & Living Today, an interesting report about crofting on Islay and Jura.

Picture of a farming landscape with hills in the background

The picture above shows the Ardfernal and Knockrome area on Jura, taken during a walk on Jura in April 2004. This is the area where Martin Boyle and Deborah Bryce are setting up their croft, a very nice area with great views (that's the Paps of Jura on the right). But then again I doubt they have much time to enjoy the views for the time being. Not an easy life but probably very rewarding.

To complete the entry I did a quick search and found some information about Kevin's and Martin's businesses: Kevin Wiggins not only counts geese and tends to his croft, he also runs Kevin Wiggins Forestry & Fencing Services. On Jura I found Martin Boyle Contracting offering his services.

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