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Friday, 21/Dec/2007

Friday Islay Picture (39)

Today is the shortest day of the year (provided you read this in the northern hemisphere). From tomorrow the days will get longer again. Here in Swindon it is a fairly cold and miserable evening. Cold, damp, foggy. It doesn't look much better on Islay if I can trust the Met Office. So I thought what could be better than a nice and warming open Islay fire? Let's light a nice fire:

Picture of an open fire in a fireplace

Now you could argue that this is just a picture of an open fire, not a particularly Islayish picture. And you would be right with it, yet also wrong. The picture was taken at Kilchoman House Cottages (Saligo Cottage to be precise), so this is a genuine Islay open fire.

Have a great weekend, hopefully in front of a nice open fire with a nice wee dram of Islay Single Malt!

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