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Sunday, 30/Dec/2007

Islay Blogging Roundup #16

So there we are, the last Islay Blogging Roundup for 2007. There will be more roundups in 2008, but for 2007 this will be the last one. As expected the blogs have been comparably quiet over the Christmas week, but there were still some mentions of Islay even this week. Here they are:

To start with Islay is included in a New Years resolution: drink more Islay single malt whisky is the first one listed by the Strategist. Someone's getting the priorities right ;-)

In Islay to Kintyre - The Journey Home Begins the blogger points out the importance of reconfirming your return ferry and/or leaving your mobile phone when making a booking. I've been on the receiving end of this myself, when Calmac switched the ferry from Port Askaig to Port Ellen because of strong winds. They did send out a text message about the change, although by the time I saw it (there isn't much reception in Kilchoman) I had heard of it through other channels.

I've already mentioned the Laphroaig 12yo available in the UK duty free shops, but I thought pointing it out again, as I quite like his view about profiteering.

On to cycling: Cycling Art Blog: from the Isle of Islay... writes about Brian Palmer's thewashingmachinepost. Seems he is quite impressed by it as well as the Ardbeg Cycling Top.

So what about the birds? Well, the Islay Birds blog expands the coverage to other wildlife and posts a nice picture of a stag. But don't worry, plenty of mentions of birds as well, including numerous Eagles and the infamous Fulmars. Yes, it was quite windy Thursday to Saturday.

The Bruichladdich blog is fairly quiet during the Christmas break, but nevertheless still has doubts about the Mutter Bowmore bottle. Ron has some further background when he republishes a story from the Ileach about it. The topic also attracts attention in Japan, at least this entry in Takeshi's blog has a picture of the bottle.

And that's about it. In a normal week I would now send you over to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture. But then there hasn't been one for this week, so I'll have to wait until next week to do that.

Now it's time to say good bye for 2007, I hope you will follow me through more Islay Blogging Roundups in 2008.

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