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Sunday, 30/Dec/2007

Islay Seals Panorama (and Travelogue Update)

Just in case anyone was looking for an entry on 29/Dec, this is it. I was running a bit late with some of the work on the Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue, meaning I didn't make it yesterday. So you're getting a very early entry today instead. Here is a part of the reason I was running late:

Picture of a panoramic view over a sandbank with dozens of seals

The latest addition to my Islay 180° panoramas collection is a Quicktime VR panorama of dozens of seals on a sandback in Loch Gruinart in the north of Islay. The view above is a cropped version, the ‘original’ is much bigger. I'm quite pleased with the results, the raw pictures were taken with a long telephoto lens on unsteady ground (soft sand) without a tripod. At least the seals weren't moving too much.

Linked to this the latest from the travelogue (where this panorama will appear as well): The page for afternoon at Saligo Bay on the west coast of Islay was completed over Christmas. As promised I completed the page for Bridgend, Port Askaig and Finlaggan on Islay yesterday.

More later today once I've had some sleep...

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