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Friday, 04/Jan/2008

Friday Islay Picture (41)

Sorry, I'm a bit late with the first Friday Islay Picture for 2008. I had to work late and then I was busy/ distracted elsewhere. The picture I've chosen for today is technically only partly an Islay picture, may be I should call it Friday Islay and Mull picture?

Picture of the silhouette of an island seen over the see

After all this is a view of the hills of the Isle of Mull. But then the view is from Islay, from the beach near Gortantaoid Point to be precise. It was taken during the Killinallan Beach Walk with my parents in June. I'm posting the link to put some pressure on myself to finish the page this weekend (as of writing this entry it is still ‘under construction’).

It might not be the most beautiful picture (in the sense of not being bright, clear and sunny), but I still somehow like it. May be it's partly the memory of a nice walk on Islay with my parents. But it's also this sense of space, of freedom, of the vast expanse of the sea, knowing that those hills are about 30 miles away.

And with that thought I leave you for today. Have a great weekend!

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