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Sunday, 06/Jan/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #17

Right, back to Islay blogging. Pretty much took a break from all my sites yesterday and just spent time relaxing and watching various videos. Watching this video I was wondering though how long that car would survive on Islay's slightly rougher roads. At least there is one fairly straight road almost as long as the track they've used. But back to Islay and blogging, what have the blogs written about Islay this week?

Gummitch writes about Gummitch’s favorite things right now. His favourite vacation of all time is a visit to Scotland, England and Wales including a visit to Islay (and judging from the picture with an evening in Portnahaven).

As to be expected a number of blogs write about Islay's whiskies in some form, here's a selection:

From Germany Alex looks back at 2007 and writes about his Whiskytasting 2007. Two from Islay were included, a Bruichladdich and a Port Ellen.

T.J. Christie of The Party Source met Jim McEwan of Bruichladdich and wrote a very good entry about it: Whisky+Island=Passion: Jim McEwan of Bruichladdich Distillery.

Martin Roberts found an interesting report about whisky cask ownership which he quotes extensively. For the full article head to The water of life by the hogshead from the Field Magazine.

From whisky to a few more pictures:

Actually, the first one only promises pictures: ...Lomot(en) so mal von Unterwegs: ...weiter von Glasgow nach Islay. That means as much as ‘Lomot(en) from the road: ...on from Glasgow to Islay’. He/She/They are promising a few pictures though...

Ciara and the Nice Man went to Islay for Hogmanay, where they took a day trip to Jura to lose her hat and take some very nice pictures.

The Bruichladdich Blog still seems to be on their Christmas and Hogmanay break, but Ron is back: He reports Snow on Islay, something you don't see very often.

After the Christmas slowdown the Islay Birds blog is back with several updates about the birds on Islay: Still keeping with the festive spirit a picture of a Robin, sightings of Canada geese (which I believe are comparably rare on Islay) and the difficulties of counting birds in heavy winter showers.

And finally a blog to watch over the next few days (or weeks?): In Drinking in the UK, Part One Jeff Frane mentions plans to visit Islay (‘I chose the undeniable pull from Scotland, eventually focusing on Islay, with its concentration of great distilleries’), so I assume more detailed reports than this are to follow. After all there are three Islay related albums with his pictures: The road to Islay, Islay, the distilleries and My visit to Islay.

As we are returning to normal mode I can close with the regular link to the Scottish Roundup, this week saying Welcome to 2008… Oh, and I've made some progress on the Killinallan Beach Walk page I had mentioned on Friday. Not finished yet, but should be soon.

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