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Tuesday, 08/Jan/2008

New Islay Woollen Mill Video

Working late followed by several software updates to the laptop is not really helpful for daily updates to a blog. But before I go to bed (far too late) I still wanted to post something some of you might find interesting. I've written about Gordon Covell and the Islay Woollen Mill quite a while ago, last year I blogged a video visit to the Islay Woollen Mill. Here's another video I found recently:


The clip is part of Richard's Vanishing Trades website/ project, as the name says a project to document vanishing trades across Europe and the world. The woollen mill clip is also available on their website for download, there are many other trades available. Another Islay trade I found on the site (although I hope that's not really a vanishing trade) is whisky distilling, represented by Douglas and Michael talking about whisky distilling at Ardbeg.

For your reference links to the their websites as well: Islay Woollen Mill and Ardbeg distillery. And with that I'm off to bed, hopefully more ‘tomorrow’, a bit earlier than this time.

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