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Saturday, 19/Jan/2008

Very Late Friday Islay Picture (43)

Strictly speaking this isn't a Friday Islay Picture any more, as by now it is technically Saturday morning. It was another long day (or better night?) at work, I didn't leave the office until 01:20 and consequently didn't get home until 02:10. But I've been promised this was the last of these long days (for now). Anyway, back to the real topic, a picture of Islay. Fitting for the time I thought I post a picture of Islay at night:

Picture of the moon shining over a sea loch, another part of the island on the other side of the loch

When I stay in Port Charlotte I quite like to go down to the pier and look out over Loch Indaal, in particular on a clear and mild late evening. This picture was taken on a very nice evening, it was quite clear with good views of The Oa. It was a full moon, providing some nice light. Unfortunately I didn't have a good tripod with me, so I had to improvise a little. The picture doesn't fully capture the light and the mood of the evening, but I hope it at least gives you an idea of the peacefulness.

Good night, or better good morning, I'm off to get a bit of sleep. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately?) not too much, as I've got a fairly important appointment at 10:30. More about that later. Until then, have a great weekend!

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