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Finally Some Islay Travelogue Updates

Back among the living, kind of. After a rather short night this morning's appointment was very nice. Unfortunately the weather was quite horrible today, so no pictures yet of the result. Fingers crossed I'll be able to take some on Sunday. Having slept through most of the afternoon catching up on sleep I've now started to turn my attention to the Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue again. Right now I'm working on a page related to this very nice view on Islay:

Picture of a panoramic view over a wide glen (valley), Glen Logan on Islay

Biggerise the Glen Logan, east coast of Islay, panorama.

Earlier this evening I finally completed the Killinallan Beach walk on Islay page, finishing the texts and adding the links to the Quicktime VR panorama of dozens of seals on a sandback in Loch Gruinart. With that done I've moved on to the next day: Glen Logan walk to the Sound of Islay is the page I'm currently working on. The view down Glen Logan, over the Sound of Islay to the Isle of Jura was one of the very nice views we had during the walk.

I hope to make some progress on the page during Sunday, although my first priority will be to take my new toy out for an hour or two and hopefully take a few pictures of it. With that in mind I'm now off to bed again, good night!

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