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Tuesday, 22/Jan/2008

The Ardbeg 1965 Islay Malt Video

Back in July last year Tom of the Swiss ardblog was looking for a copy of the Ardbeg 1965 viral video clip, a very nice spot. I have a vague memory of it being filmed on Islay, I think there was an ad in the Ileach of the production company looking for Gaelic speakers to act in it. I'm not sure if Tom has found it yet, if not I can give a little help to point him to a version now. YouTube user storypicture has uploaded a number of Ardbeg videos, including this one:

DirectArdbeg1965 (It's also available on the Ardbeg 1965 microsite again, I think it was offline for a while last year)

More interesting though (and another reason for this entry) is something I wasn't aware of when it first came out: The ad is actually based on an ad for Chanel Egoiste, this one:

DirectEgoisteChanel, found via Zealot - Ardbeg 65

Some would call it a spoof, some would say it was inspired by it, others might call it blatant plagiarism. Whatever it is, I think it's a brilliant ad. Even though the last few seconds of the of the ad are a bit of digital trickery, that isn't how the distillery on Islay looks in reality.

What do you think?

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