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Monday, 21/Jan/2008

Islay Malts in the Playboy

Depending on where you work some of the links in this entry might need to be considered as NSFW. After all the Playboy is probably best known for, ahem, scantily clad women. Which makes me wonder if John Campbell of Laphroaig had some explaining to do when he returned to Islay after this visit:

This week, John Campbell, distillery manager of Laphroaig, visited our offices. If you have not heard of Laphroaig—the inimitable single malt whisky from the tiny island of Islay off Scotland’s west coast—you have some homework to do. [...] Campbell gave us a dram of Laphroaig’s 30-year old. We were embarrassed to say we had never tried it. Our take: This is brilliantly-crafted booze, special occasion booze, just-had-the-best-sex-of-your-life booze.

Probably not the standard description of an (Islay) Single Malt Whisky you'd find in a whisky magazine...

But that's not the only Islay whisky getting a mention in the Playboy: More tame reviews of Islay Malts include the thoughts on the Laphroaig Quarter Cask and the Ardbeg Scotch 1974 Vintage. They could be found in any lifestyle or luxury magazine, only the ads around could be a bit disturbing. But then again there's not that much difference to The Sun, and I've even linked to that publication a while ago.

But that's enough of that, much safer and nicer links tomorrow.

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