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Sunday, 20/Jan/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #19

The weekend just zoomed past with trying to catch up on sleep after the busy last week, enjoying the new car and squeezing in a little bit of Islay travelogue progress. But it's not over yet, still time to write the Islay blogging roundup. Supported by a wee dram of Ardbeg and some dark chocolate I'll try to provide another summary of what the blogs have been writing about Islay over the last week:

Let me start with the bird- and wildlife on Islay and Jura (or lack thereof) this week: Two birdcounts provided lots of sightings including 2 Goldeneyes and 9 Grey Plovers. Two excursions two Jura brought a lot of different birds and deer, but neither managed to spot an otter. Slightly ‘worrying’ is that the Fulmars are back, so watch out for some potential strong winds in a few days. Jeremy in the meantime went Chough spotting and photographing before watching Golden Eagles, Merlin, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and Hen Harrier and a distant Peregrine.

Ron announces his Islay Website and Weblog in Dutch as the latest addition to his ever increasing empire. On a sadder note he points out that a man found dead in Lossit Bay almost two years ago still hasn't been identified. An artist's impression was released in June 2006, yet nobody has come forward yet to identify him.

Over in Japan Takeshi Mogi writes something about the book Mark Unsworth published last year, Islay Past and Present. I can't read any Japanese, so I'm wondering if the mention of means the book is available there? At least a search for the book comes up with this result. In any case, it's a great book, so I recommend ordering it whichever way is possible.

Any Islay whisky or beer related posts in the blogs? Yes, lots of them. Here are three I picked out:

Discover Whisky writes about Islay, Queen of the Whisky Isles, promising tasting notes for all seven Islay distilleries currently selling whisky.

A blogger from Wellington in New Zealand has bought some single malt beer (not the one from Islay though) and is wondering about the Islay Ales beers made with the Bruichladdich wort. I've tried to provide some answers in the comments, if you can may be add to it?

Now this blog post isn't really an Islay related post, but I found it interesting that Hugh MacLeod (probably one of the best known UK bloggers) uses Islay Single Malts in his examples for social markers.

From whisky to walking: Becky has been walking again, this time in the company of Fiona Middleton from Seal Bay to Knock Bay.

He has been quiet for quite a while, but earlier in the week Steve Cranston has posted a few very interesting galleries to his LOCHIEL (IV) - All about this magnificent vessel blog (The Lochiel was the Islay ferry in the 1950s and 1960s): The Lochiel pictures from Janet include some views of Islay, mainly Port Askaig and Port Ellen. More galleries in the Massive Lochiel Picture Archive entry.

And finally the Bruichladdich Blog points out that they Saw Three Ships...Not. May be flying in the oil is another option?

That's the Islay blogging roundup for this week, as usual head over to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture. This week with the two certainties, Death and Taxes. Have good week!

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