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Tuesday, 29/Jan/2008

More Islay Golf Links

Apologies for yet another repeat of the ‘links’ pun, but then it's not my fault that the word ‘links’ has multiple meanings. If I'm not mistaken it was April last year that I last brought you some Islay Golf Links. I don't really have to mention the Machrie Golf Links course on Islay to anyone interested in golf, but here are a few more links (as in interweb links) about Islay and golf:

I've mentioned him in an Islay Blogging Roundup already, but the praise The Principal heaps on Islay needs to be repeated: Islay is the island of golfing dreams he starts off with and follows it up with Islay and The Machrie - It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This! I'm wondering how he's going to top that after his next visit?

If you are a golfer from the US (and possibly Canada, not sure who they sell to) you might be interested in a golfing tour offered by PerryGolf: This year they are offering a Scottish Links & Single Malt Whisky package. I believe this tour is offered in partnership with The Whisky Coast, it takes in a number of golf courses and distilleries with the highlight obviously being The Machrie and the Islay distilleries.

Mixing golf and whisky into a perfect blend on is an article I mentioned previously. They have since been followed up by two more with more relevance for Islay: The Machrie: Old fashioned, Scottish links golf at its best is obviously the most relevant one, in a similar vain as the first one is Scotland's fairways and distilleries

The next link is not directly an Islay links, but about a £18m golf bonanza for Kintyre: Machrihanish Dunes will have good views of Islay, so may be golfers playing the course will be tempted over to Islay as well?

Those are all (Islay) golf links I have for now, I'm sure there will be another update sooner or later. The Golf at the Machrie entry collection will continue to grow over time...

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