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Thursday, 31/Jan/2008

Gaelic Link between Islay and Ballycastle

Apparently being bilingual protects the brain. I can offer German and English, should I find the time I'd like to add at least some basic Gaelic at some point. If only to be able to correctly pronouce the many place names on Islay with a Gaelic origin and understand more of the history. Gaelic is obviously not only spoken on Islay and in Scotland, as just demonstrated by a new link 20 miles across the sea:

The Belfast Telegraph reports about a link-up between Gaelscoil an Chaistil in Ballycastle and Ionad Chaluim Chille Ìle on Islay. The new partnership has a variety of goals:

We look forward to developing a range of programmes that will help our children explore our commonality.

We hope to pioneer some new projects this year that will allow children and adults to improve their educational opportunities while exploring our common past and a shared future.

We hope and know that the work between Ballycastle and Islay will create an interesting space for people here to see our language as part of a tradition we can all celebrate together.

May be this will also help to push forward a renewed Campbeltown - Ballycastle ferry service? This ferry would make travelling between Islay and Northern Ireland quite a lot easier.

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