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Friday, 01/Feb/2008

Friday Islay Picture (45)

Picture of a screenshot from a YouTube video, showing people standing in front of a roadsign

February already? What happened to January? Well, let me start February with a little ‘Islay then and now’ comparison as the Friday Islay Picture for this week. Earlier this week I wrote an entry about Islay Holidays in the Early 1970s, mentioning an interesting road sign at 4:40min into it. A screenshot of it is above, so that you don't have to view the whole video again just to see what I'm talking about. It's the sign for one of the few C-Roads, and it is on Islay. This is how it looked in 2007:

Picture of a C-road sign with a green Peugeot 306 standing next to it

That's the same sign in October 2007, with my old car next to it (now replaced by the new Islaymobile). More than 30 years later the sign still looks in quite good condition, considering it is exposed to the Islay weather with the winter storms on the west coast. The poles holding it are a bit rusty now and it looks like at least part of the sign has been repainted (look at the line between the B8018 and A847). But apart from that not much seems to have changed.

With that thought I wish you a great weekend, whereever you are and whatever the return of winter (at least here in the UK) might throw at you. Actually, no, hold on: Late notice, but the Bruichladdich Blog gives a heads up of Radio 4's Fi Glover and our Laddie-Lover. Turn your radio (or browser, I think you can listen to it over the interweb as well if you're outside of the UK) to Saturday Live on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 02/Feb/2008 at 9:00 GMT (that's 10:00 CET on the continent). That should be a good start to the (Islay) weekend.

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