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Wednesday, 06/Feb/2007

A Floor for the Islay Hotel

Picture of a lorry with concrete floorboards

Arriving home slightly earlier than the last two days I thought I could work on a post about Islay and distilling I've had in my head for a few days now. That plan was swiftly changed when I opened my e-mail and there was a very interesting mail from Islay waiting for me. The stills have to wait for another day or two or three, some concrete is more important. Not just any concrete, no, the floor for the new hotel in Port Ellen has arrived.

Picture of a crane mounted on a lorry lifting a concrete block

As far as I understand the floor sections are precast and transported to Islay by lorry. They were then put into place using a crane on one of the lorries. The whole process took the best part of the day today.

Picture of workers laying a floor over a basement

Looking the other direction you can see quite a lot of the north-western wing floor already completed. Note the dog watching the proceedings!

Picture of a panoramic view over an almost completed floor of a building

It's really nice to see all this progress, combined with the nice weather today. Spring and more good building progress can't be far away now.

As I'm on the topic of the former Islay Hotel, Port Ellen I thought I use the opportunity for a reminder of the Spot The Whisky Barrel competition. As of writing this there are 53 days left until it closes (for the latest check the Islay Countdowns)...

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