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Tuesday, 05/Feb/2008

Islay and the Oscars

Well, it wasn't meant to be. Another long day only leaves time for an improvised Islay blog posting before I need to get to bed to get some sleep. Something I stumbled over when looking through my Islay news feeds this evening gave me the idea for this entry. Later this month the 80th Annual Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, will take place. looks forward to it with this entry and the following quote (highlighting of the important bit by me):

Here at the stratospheric flying platform, we're already planning the Oscar party. That means making sure everyone's pizza order arrives (this year, not confusing the vegan-soy-cheese-veggie and the triple-meat Porkopalooza) and stocking up the single-malt Bowmore Islay for the inevitable drinking games (a close-up of Jack Nicholson grinning in the front row, drink; host Jon Stewart makes a joke about pregnancy-themed comedies, two drinks...).

Now I suspect most of the Oscar winners will celebrate with champagne, but then again may be some have better taste and drink a good Islay single malt whisky instead?

Anyway, I thought about what other connections there might be between Islay and the Oscars: I'm not aware of any Oscar winning or at least Oscar nominated actor from Islay (no, Isla Fisher doesn't count. She's not from Islay and to my knowledge hasn't been nominated for an Oscar anyway).

The best known film at least partly made on Islay I can think of is The Maggie, but unfortunately it was only nominated for a BAFTA, not an Oscar. Any others I missed?

The closest I can get to an Oscar is Braveheart, the tartan worn by Mel Gibson and others was designed and made at the Islay Woollen Mill (see also my earlier entry Gordon Covell and the Islay Woollen Mill). Another one is Forrest Gump, as mentioned on the Media page.

With that I'm off to bed and leave you to ponder if there are any other connections between Islay (or may be Jura or Colonsay?) and an Oscar...

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