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Monday, 04/Feb/2008

Kiloran Bay Bomb Disposal

After a quite long day at work today I unfortunately don't have the time to research and write the post I had initially thought to write today. Instead I'll link to a video I've had in my bookmarks for a while now, a video from Islay's neighbour Colonsay. Like Islay most people will know Colonsay as a quiet and remote place. I remember seeing bomb disposal squads on Islay (well, their Landrovers to be precise), looking at this video they were called into action on Colonsay in early 2007:


I assume this is the controlled explosion of the World War II mine reported here in the Oban Times under Bomb scare as 'live' mine washes up on Colonsay. This is obviously Kiloran Bay, I think one of the most beautiful bays in the world, especially on a sunny day. To fully appreciate it you have to visit it, if you can't my QuickTime VR panorama of Kiloran Bay might give you a better idea of its magic.

And with that I'm off to bed, hopefully for a quiet night with some good sleep, uninterrupted by any loud bangs. Fingers crossed for some Islay blogging tomorrow.

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