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Sunday, 03/Feb/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #21

If the Islay Blogging Roundup was a living being and similar to dog years the number of editions could be converted to human years, then the roundup would now be an adult. Welcome to the 21st edition of my more or less weekly review of what the blogs have been writing about Islay and sometimes Jura. This is what I found last week, starting with bird- and wildlife this week after starting with whisky the previous week:

The big picture of a big animal on the Islay Birds blog is not of a bird, no, but of a Cuvier's Beaked Whale. There's also mention of Minke Whale washed up on the Ard. But back to the birds, earlier in the week we had stories of various birds visiting the feeder before the storm and the Jackdaws and Starlings losing a roosting site at Kilchoman Church (or better what's left of it).

Jeremy Hastings reports of Snow - Geese and the wet weather and a Peregrine during a fairly wet and windy week. You can read more from him in his and Ron's Islay Wildlife and Birding Report nr 4.

From birds to languages: I had mentioned the Gaelic Link between Islay and Ballycastle earlier this week, this was also picked up by a Gaelic blog under Keltalingvaj Novajoj: Gaelscoil an Chaistil.

On to belated Burns Night festivities and Islay holidays: Captain JP reports of a belated Belated Burn Night with a niece picture of Saligo Bay. And the Island Holidays Blog follows up with More about Islay. Unless she changes her holiday plans the Accidental Hedonist will make a big mistake though as her Ireland/Scotland itinerary at least so far omits Islay (at least she's thinking about Islay).

There's no escaping the whisky though, quite a few at least in some way Islay whisky related posts this week:

I have no idea what Suihkuhävittäjiä ja laskuvarjojääkäreitä « Erämaahan means or is about. But it mentions Laphroaig Quarter Cask and has some nice pictures of a winter landscape and winter camping, presumably somewhere in Finland. I'm therefore guessing they took some on a winter camping and/or survival trip.

Lyke 2 Drink tastes three Laphroaigs while the ardblog has a Kleines Redesign (meaning wee redesign). I'm not sure if this is on Islay or somewhere else, but Takeshi Mogi has an interesting take on winter and whisky with a snow whisky still instead of a snowman.

Having just been on BBC Radio 4 there's more to come from Bruichladdich on the radio. You need to speak German though to listen to Deutschlandfunk – Die Whiskymacher. I'm sure there will be a mention of the pier in some way, here's the latest in Speaking of Piers. And 2008 Distilling has kicked off after completing the Distillery Works.

Last but not least Ron announces the opening of Online Islay Tablets by An Gleann. They are very nice, if you haven't tried them yet during an Islay visit you might want to order some online.

Almost forgot, I also wrote an Islay related entry on the Top Fives blog where I contribute occasionally: It's in German though and called Regeln auf Kleinen Duenn Besiedelten Inseln, my answer to other German bloggers writing rules for Berlin and London. Not to be taken too seriously.

Right, that's really it now. ASwaS was supposed to write this week's Scottish Roundup, but as of writing this it's not posted. If you're interested in the bigger picture you'll just have to check if it's ready yourself.

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