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Friday, 08/Feb/2008

Friday Islay Picture (46)

That's a very busy week finally over. It was another long day today, certainly for a Friday. But now it's weekend, time to relax and hopefully for some more Islay blogging. This weeks Friday Islay picture is from the top of Loch Indaal, taken on a sunny afternoon in October 2007. It shows some of the geese wintering on Islay, there is a reason I've picked this picture today:

Picture of geese in flight with others resting on the ground

Biggerise the geese over Loch Indaal, Islay

While I don't consider myself to be a proper birdwatcher (I couldn't identify many birds and am not the least interested in that side of birdwatching) I still enjoy watching them, especially those with the ability of acrobatic flight or the impressive large groups coming in to roost. Which brings me to the reason why I chose the above picture today, a video reminding me of the geese on Islay:

Via an entry ‘Starke Stare’ on the German ‘Spreeblick’ blog I found this YouTube video of Starlings at Otmoor:

Obviously not as good as the geese on Islay, but still very impressive. And the good thing is that Otmoor is only just over an hour from where I live. In other words, I'm planning to drive over to Otmoor this weekend (the weather forecast looks very promising) to take a look. Who knows, I might even see some of the waterfowl I'm ‘familiar’ with from Islay?

With that thought I'm signing off for today, have a great weekend, hopefully with great weather and interesting bird sightings!

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