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Saturday, 09/Feb/2009

More on Islay Whisk(e)y in Men's Vogue

Two weeks ago in the entry Islay Whisk(e)y in Men's Vogue I mentioned that I had reasons to believe that there might be more in the print edition. Having just received a copy of the print magazine I can confirm that there is indeed a bit more of Islay than available in the online edition. This is how Islay is presented to the American readers:

Picture of a two page spread about Islay in Men's Vogue

So why did I think there was going to be more in the print edition than in the online edition? Well, look at the photo I took of the spread, then look at this page about half way down, may be also this this view of Islay. Did you spot it?

Yes, that's one of my pictures published in Men's Vogue. I don't know how many readers it has, but I assume several 10,000 at least. So I hope that they will have all read the article and that my picture has helped to spread the fame of Islay and Islay's whiskies in the US (and whereever else it is available).

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