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Tuesday, 19/Feb/2008

Islay Peat Bog Fires at Night

With apologies to Jonneke I finally get around to some Islay pictures which have been lingering in my inbox for over a week now. Then again the pictures are almost a year old, Islay time blogging? At first glance you might think this is Northern Light on Islay:

Picture of a peat bog on fire

No, this is not Northern Light, what you see are the flames of a fire in the peat bogs near the Machrie. This was back in April 2007 during Jonneke's and Fred's visit to Islay for a few days (we actually met up as I was on Islay at the same time for the walking week).

Picture of a peat bog on fire, you can make out some brushes in the foreground

I remember seeing some of the fires (mostly the smoke though) myself when passing through the area on the way to one of the walks. But that was during the day, as you can see on the pictures it looked much more dramatic during the night. If I remember correctly they were staying at the Glenmachrie Guest House (or was it Glenegedale Guest House?), ‘ideal’ location to see it.

Picture of a peat bog on fire, more distant this time

What we don't know is if this was a deliberate fire and if yes what the purpose of it was? Or is this something that happens naturally occasionally? If you can enlighten us please let us know in the comments.

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