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Tuesday, 26/Feb/2008

Islay Countdown Problems

Not a good day today. Some of you might have noticed that the Islay Countdowns in the sidebar are currently not working. I haven't changed anything on the scripts at all, neither should there have been any changes on the server as far as I know. Yet it currently displays an error message instead of the days.

I'm in contact with my webhosting company, who is going to look into this. The random IslayBlog page link currently isn't working either, even though the same script works perfectly fine on another site on the same server.

Hopefully this will get fixed as soon as possible, so that normal service can resume. I'm afraid you'll have to count down the days yourself until then. Quite annoying, but there isn't much I can do at the moment apart from waiting for the support to sort the issue with the server.

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