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Monday, 25/Feb/2008

Islay Hotel Ground Floor Under Way

My day job is in an office, crunching numbers and analysing them, that kind of work. Meaning I don't know much about building a hotel (or a house in general for that matter). So when I posted the pictures of the floor being put in place and the views of the basement of the new Islay Hotel in Port Ellen I wondered how the work would continue. The floor looked very rough with the gaps in between the plates. Thanks to the latest pictures I was sent from Islay yesterday I now know:

Picture of a floor of a building under construction

It's actually fairly simple: A skin of concrete was put down over the floor to seal it. You can see the thin layer of concrete quite nicely in the picture above and below.

Picture of the end section of a hotel building under construction

Following that the brick work for the ground floor has been started, the first walls going up the dividing walls (I guess there is a technical term for those?) to the neighbouring houses at both ends.

Picture of the end section of a hotel being built next to a row of houses

Can't be long now until the ground floor really takes shape and gives a real good glimpse of how the building will look once complete. Certainly more progress than with my neighbours where after putting in the floor a few weeks ago nothing much (if anything) seems to have happened.

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