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Wednesday, 27/Feb/2008

Flight to Islay

No, I'm not particularly happy with my webhoster at the moment. Having called them yesterday about the Islay Countdown problems I was hoping for an update today. But so far nothing. So I spent quite a bit of time writing a mail explaining the problem and asking for a solution again, instead of spending time on real Islay blogging. Considering that the countdowns have worked flawlessly previously and I haven't made any changes to them and therefore the problem must be somewhere on the webhoster's servers I find this quite annoying. Makes me just want to get on a plane and fly to Islay to get away from it all:


Looking at that again I feel like I need to find a way to properly see Islay from the air. Thinking about it, Islay Sea Safari offers boat trips around Islay, Christine Logan will drive you around on a guided tour or Jeremy will take you Islay Birding by Landrover and foot. But I'm not aware of any possibility to charter a small plane on Islay, be it just for a flight around the island, be it for an excursion to, say, Colonsay. Part time business opportunity for a pilot on Islay?

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