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Friday, 29/Feb/2008

Friday Islay Picture (49)

Really need something calming and relaxing now. After still not having received any reply from my webhoster about my Islay Countdown problems I've spent quite some time this evening doing some more of my own investigations and tests. After installing the same new script on this and another of my domains I'm now certain the problem is some misconfiguration for this domain. Why would it work on another domain but not this one otherwise? Quite upsetting as there's nothing I can do apart from complaining. So the calming picture of this angler at Claggain Bay on Islay is just what I need now:

Picture of an angler standing on the beach of a calm bay under a summer evening sky

It looks like another weekend with quite severe weather for Islay, the latest weather graphs for Port Ellen indicate strong winds with gusts of well over 60mph. Severe weather warnings have been issued for Strathclyde by the Met Office for today and Saturday.

Quite different to the calm summer evening (despite the dramatic clouds) at Claggain Bay in Summer 2002, the picture is from this day on Islay during my World Tour of Scotland 2002. A perfect end to the day, looking over this beautiful bay on Islay.

With that thought I'm going to sign off for today, I hope you will have a great weekend (without any server hiccups to get annoyed about) whereever you are and whatever your plans are!

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