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Sunday, 02/Mar/2008

Islay Panorama Updates

Earlier this week I promised an update to the Islay panoramas this weekend. Thought I better keep my promise then. So here we go, the latest on my Islay (180°) panoramas:

Picture of a panoramic view over a coastal village (Bowmore on the Isle of Islay) with a small pier and harbour

Last weekend I completed the Quicktime VR panorama of a view over Bowmore and Loch Indaal, this weekend I followed it up with the Bowmore Shore and Pier Panorama, Isle of Islay (that's the one in the far too small preview above).

Then I looked at my Islay 180° panoramas page and thought, ‘25 panoramas listed here, this page is getting a bit long’. So I started a new collection, unsurprisingly (and not very creatively) called More Islay 180° panoramas. There's only one listed on it so far (the one mentioned above), but I hope that will change soon as I complete further Islay panoramas.

But for now I'm signing off, time to get to bed. Possibly more Islay panoramas and certainly the 25th Islay Blogging Roundup to follow after a good night's rest.

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