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Sunday, 02/Mar/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #25

So there we are, the first quarter of a hundred Islay Blogging Roundups has been reached. As good an opportunity as any to pour a wee dram of Islay Single Malt (decided to go with an Ardbeg this evening) to ‘celebrate’. So what have the blogs been writing about Islay this week?

Let me start with a very nice Islay panorama, the VR Panorama of the Day: Whisky Sunrise. Not strictly speaking a blog, but as it was the ‘VR Panorama of the Day’ I decided to list it anyway. Oh, and it's the reason why I picked the Ardbeg to drink tonight.

Staying with whisky, Dr Whisky continues his Malt Mission and on Friday reached Malt Mission 2008 #260. The whisky in question was a Port Ellen 21yo, which I think he quite liked.

While the Port Ellen is rare Lyke2Drink tasted something even rarer in his Tuesday Tasting: The Black Bowmore 42 Year Old. It's not exactly cheap, so if you can't afford it he says go for the 18yo, which he also tasted.

It's not only men who drink and/or taste whiskies, Mary Robinette Kowal went for a Scotch Tasting at Ellen’s. It had a very strong focus on Islay Single Malts, seems she was quite impressed by them.

From whisky on to a bit of music: I've written about Foxface late last year, it looks like their fame is now spreading abroad (unless this is a blog from the UK written in French): Foxface, folk masqué.

Music? Birds sing, the nicest music to some. Especially when the first Skylark of the year was heard, surely a good sign. A second Snow Buntings picture followed the first Snow Bunting picture on the Islay Birds blog. Not bad considering there were none previously.

Jeremy Hastings in the meantime takes the new Factor deer spotting. This weekend a not a lot of birding because of a lot of rain. For more from Jeremy go to his and Ron's Islay Wildlife and Birding Report nr8 - A Wild Week.

Ron also picks up in the fact that there will be No Road Equivalent Tariff Pilot for Islay, something I'm in two minds about (have to think about that further before I form my opinion). He also goes on a walk in search of Granny's Rock near Machir Bay. He didn't find it then, but from mine and Becky's pictures he now knows what to look for.

And finally the Bruichladdich Blog has the latest on The Keewhit & the Dimwhit.

Last but not least as regular readers will have come to expect, the weekly reference to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture. This week with A non-toff snout in the trough. And some praise for this roundup. You've made me blush, doctorvee!

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