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Tuesday, 04/Mar/2008

Islay Wildlife Gems DVD Review auf Deutsch

Picture of deer on a hillside on a gloomy late afternoon

When I wrote my review of The Wildlife Gems of Islay DVD by Gordon Yates a few weeks ago I mentioned I was hoping for another review of the DVD. It took a bit longer than I had thought, but on Sunday I finally received the first German review of the DVD I'm aware of. Probably not very surprising it comes from my mother (3x Islay visitor) and my father (1x Islay visitor). Here is what they had to say:

Die CD “The Wildlife Gems of Islay” von Gordon Yates war für uns ein Volltreffer!
Wir wurden an unseren Urlaub auf Islay im letzten Jahr erinnert und sahen noch ein Vielfaches an Tier- und Pflanzenwelt zusätzlich.
Da war ein Profi am Werk.
Wir haben uns an den wunderbaren Bildern ergötzt.

Now I've got to try to translate this into English for the benefit of my English speaking readers (or at least those who don't understand any German). Here we go:

The CD “The Wildlife Gems of Islay” by Gordon Yates hit the bullseye for us!
We were reminded of our holiday on Islay last year and saw even more of the wildlife in addition.
A real professional at work.
We really enjoyed the wonderful pictures.

Speaking with my mother a few days ago she said my father watched the DVD with great interest even though he only understands very little English. I think that really shows how excellent the imagery are, you can really enjoy it even without fully understanding the commentary.

That's enough praise for this evening, I'm off to bed soon. Had some at least partly encouraging news earlier this evening, fingers crossed for more good news later this week. I'll sleep much better this night.

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