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Wednesday, 05/Mar/2008

Islay Stress Therapy

Apologies if the Islay blogging isn't flowing very well this week, just keep in mind that there is a human being behind this blog, just me writing this, not a soulless machine. And then this really isn't my week so far: My mother is currently in hospital and then I've just witnessed a coach crash on the M4. Writing about all this helps me to deal with it, I'm sorry if that's not what you're coming here for. Normal Islay blogging should hopefully return soon.

There is still a lot of adrenaline pumping through my body after seeing the coach crash unfolding ahead of me: The coach suddenly veered to the left on to the hard shoulder, sending lots of traffic cones flying all over the place. While trying to avoid hitting the cones and thinking ‘what the f**k is he doing’ I saw the coach leaving the hard shoulder and through some (luckily thin) trees going into the ditch next to it. I stopped as soon as I could, grabbed my mobile phone and ran back. After switching it on (my phone is always switched off when I'm driving) I called 999 to describe what had happened and what I could see, which wasn't much as it was quite dark. While I was still talking with the emergency coordinator a police car stopped next to my car, I was quite relieved seeing the flashing blue lights. Another one stopped soon after and they took control of the situation. The first passengers were already coming out of the coach and climbing up the embankment.

After taking my name and a contact number the police officer sent me on my way again, something I was quite glad of. According to the news about 40 people have been injured, luckily almost all of them only have slight injuries.

I'm not going into much detail about my mother, but as there are a number of people on Islay who have met her during her visits to the island I've decided to mention it. She is currently undergoing some treatment to address a problem she's developed recently. Talking with my sister this evening (she's the ‘medical expert’ in the family) our mother seems to be in very good hands in the hospital she is being treated in. That's the last I'm going to mention of it here until I can hopefully report some good news later this week.

Nevertheless I'm going to finish this entry with some ‘Islay content’. I find rainbows very calming, the bright colours after the rain when the sun breaks through, like this one at Kilchoman:

Picture of a rainbow over some rocky crags and a house

My mother (and father) missed this rainbow by a day, although my mother was with me when I saw my best ever rainbow on Islay (scroll down). Let them be a good sign for a positive future.

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