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Thursday, 06/Mar/2008

Islay Kildalton Cross on SingleMalt TV

Finally home after a very long day, the police had asked me to come in to take a witness statement for the accident I saw yesterday. But I promised to do some proper Islay blogging today, so here we go: Recently I mentioned the Islay Winter Storms and Whisky Chefs from A few days after the entry was published I was contacted by, challenging some of my perceptions about Islay on their channel. Let me show you how they did it:


This clip shows Charles McLean talking about the famous Kildalton Cross on Islay. While doing that there's only a passing reference to the whisky. Which challenges one way my statement of ‘too much whisky not enough Islay’ can be interpreted, that they only report about whisky but nothing else. This clip and various others mentioned to me certainly challenge that, there definitely is excellent non-whisky Islay programming available.

The other way my statement of ‘too much whisky not enough Islay’ can be understood is something I still stand by: As doesn't cover only Islay but presumably the whole of Scotland (and possibly Japan, Wales and more recently even England) with all the other places where whisky is being made, Islay with both the Islay whisky and the Islay environment parts will have a limited share of the total programme hours. So if you're like me are focusing very much on Islay the other programmes will be of limited value to you.

Obviously having such a mixed and wide programme is perfectly legitimate and reasonable, doing it any different would probably be commercial suicide. Certainly a much bigger audience than focusing only on Islay. And after seeing this clip and having exchanged e-mails with them I'm certainly going to review the programmes of in much more detail. I don't think this will be the last time you'll read about them here, even when Islay only has a limited share of the overall programme.

Good night. Friday Islay Picture tomorrow. I have nothing selected yet, meaning I'm open to requests.

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