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Monday, 10/Mar/2008

Islay Hotel Fireplace

Picture of a view over a sunlit landscape with the sea and other land in the background

No, I'm not late because the weather held me up. Either it wasn't as bad as they predicted or the Islaymobile handles bad weather very well. Looks like the journey to Islay was more impacted than my drive to work on the M4. No, the reason I'm late is that I only just got off a very long call with my sister. From what we know at this point it looks like the operation our mother underwent yesterday seems to have been successful and they mostly achieved what they set out to do. After these good news I can turn to the topic I promised you with the title of this entry, the new fireplace for the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen:

On a stormy day like this, what can be nicer than sitting in front of a nice open fire, may be with a nice hot chocolate or an Islay Single Malt, whatever your preference might be. It will still be a few months until you can sit in front of this one, but I think it already looks promising:

Picture of a fireplace under construction

I think this will be a major attraction once complete, whatever the weather. I've spent quite a few evenings in front of the excellent fireplaces in Kilchoman House Cottages last year, I'm sure I'll do the same once I get to stay at the hotel for a few nights. Very relaxing and comfortable.

Picture of a view of a fireplace from below

With that I'll leave you for tonight, hoping that you weren't majorly impacted by the storms today, be it on Islay, anywhere in the UK or other places hit by the storms (I believe France was also hit by it). More Islay blogging tomorrow, assuming the Islaymobile handles further stormy weather as well as today, as there are more storms forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday...

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