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Tuesday, 11/Mar/2008

Bruichladdich Islay Book Video

Somehow I don't seem to be meant to do any early Islay blogging at the moment. But then I have yet another perfect excuse for being late this evening: My mother called from the hospital. Speaking with her obviously has priority over anything, even Islay. She sounded so much better than before the operation, even though she's still a bit tired and needs further rest. Very encouraging. Now I can turn to some more Islay blogging again. Regular readers might remember the two upcoming new Islay books I wrote about in February. Here is a promotional video for one of them, Whisky Dream by Stuart Rivens:


Very nice video about the three main characters in the story, first obviously Mark Reynier, but he wouldn't have been able to do it without Jim McEwan and Duncan McGillivray. Certainly doesn't sound like anything for the faint hearted what they did there.

With that thought I'm off to bed, tired after the last few days. It's still quite windy and wet down here, although different to yesterday it seems Islay is getting hit by the storm a bit more again today (see also UK braced for more storms). Good night.

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