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Thursday, 13/Mar/2008

Three Islay Whisky Links and Quotes

While enjoying a nice wee dram of Laphroaig Quarter Cask Islay Single Malt after a busy day at work I thought I share three Islay whisky links with you. One about word of mouth marketing, one about a whisky related musical instrument and one with a nice (I think) quote about Islay whisky. Two of them mention Laphroaig, the other one Lagavulin. Here we go:

In Word-of-mouth may be the voice of a new era in marketing the ‘Friends of Laphroaig’ programme as well as the Laphroaig Live Whisky Tasting are pointed out as excellent examples of these initiatives. I've lost count of the blog entries I've seen over the years with bloggers proudly announcing that they are now the proud owner of a square foot of land on Islay. I've been a friend for many years now and have collected my rent many times, as well probably spread the word a lot. From my own experience I'd say it works ;-)

Next the quote of the week. The Guardian writes about Whisky galore at the Speyside Whisky festival, but the report contains a nice quote about Islay malts in general and Laphroaig in particular:

Speyside whiskies are not unlike its landscape, soft and gentle, unlike their more smoky and peaty Islay cousins. In the spirit of gentle rivalry, one Speysider said of Laphroaig, a potent Islay whisky: “Hold it near a fire alarm and it will go off.”

Nicely put.

Finally a guitar with an Islay whisky connection. Yes, you read that right, a guitar. And another guitar. And a bass. Italian guitar maker Manne has built the three instruments using the wood from an old Lagavulin whisky cask. You can read more about the background and see quite a few pictures on the Manne Special Editions page. Really cool project!

And that's all for now, good night. Should I post a picture of Laphroaig as this weeks Friday Islay picture tomorrow?

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