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Tuesday, 18/Mar/2008

Islay and Jura Quick Notes

Long day at work followed by a chat with my mother doesn't leave any time to work on the Islay travelogue this evening, so that will have to wait for a few days. What can I write about instead? Let me do this: A few quick notes about news or other web snippets related to Islay or Jura I found over the last few days. Hopefully one or two will be interesting for you:

Ticks. I think anyone going walking, hunting or birdwatching or any working on a farm will struggle to avoid these tiny bloodsucking creatures. Unfortunately they can transfer some serious illnesses to humans. The research is still ongoing, but there might be a herbal remedy for this natural deer-borne killer. The connection with Islay? Some of the research is conducted on Islay.

The Ballygrant Boy (who now lives in Canada) has posted some old pictures of Ballygrant on Flickr. He also has a few more recent Islay pictures.

Staying with old Islay related pictures on Flickr, neilking84 is posting pictures from Scotland in the 1980. They are mainly transport and in particular shipping related, three of which are of interest for Islay: Glen Sannox, Glen Sannox 2 and Glen Sannox 3 (The Glen Sannox was serving the Kennacraig - Islay route on a few occasions in the 1980s).

Jura's remoteness and beauty ensure it is designated an ‘area of natural beauty’. At the same time there is a shortage of suitable housing. The Herald writes about a Bid To Build More Homes In Areas Of Natural Beauty, providing more accomodation while retaining the beauty of the landscape.

This one I found quite funny: Bruichladdich typically boasts that there are no computers involved in the production of the whisky (which is true, there are none anywhere near the still house). At the same time they are mentioned in a press release for a major IT system deployment: Bruichladdich Distillery Company orders £200,000 TROPOS ERP Supply Chain system from SSI. I assume this won't make any difference whatsoever to the actual distillation process though, so no change there.

And finally a few Islay beach pictures. Not of this Islay though, but of the other Islay. The Islay province in Peru. Manuel Valdivia Muñoz's photos of the beaches in Islay province, Peru. Looks like they've got some quite long beaches there as well, but I don't think they can compete with the length of the Big Strand on the real Islay.

That's all for today, I hope you found at least some of it interesting. Good night!

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