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Monday, 17/Mar/2008

A Kitchen for the Islay Hotel

Having just finished my meal this is a quite fitting topic for this evening: It will still take a while until the first meals will be prepared in it, but work on the kitchen for the new hotel in Port Ellen on Islay is making good progress. Regular readers might remember the Islay Hotel Fireplace pictures, today we move to the other end of the building:

Picture of a building under construction

This is the kitchen section of the new Islay Hotel in the northern end of the building. We start at the far end of the building at the gable wall.

Picture of the walls of a building under construction

Moving down to the main kitchen section, for the time being you can still look over to Frederick Crescent with the Police station. Not sure when the outside walls will be built, although you can see a tiny part of it in the front. I wonder if there's a reason they built this little stub?

Picture of a wing of a building under construction

And there is more to come: Below are the prefabricated stairs for the first floor and also the flooring which will go between the ground and first floor. The car on the right should give you an idea of the dimensions.

Picture of prefabricated stairs and ceilings on a buildings

That's all I have for this evening, it's getting late and I need to get to bed. More Islay blogging tomorrow, hopefully with a travelogue update or some nice Islay findings from the interweb.

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