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Thursday, 20/Mar/2008

Islay Travelogue Update Saligo Bay

Picture of seaweed on rocks on a beach in the mild evening light

Later than originally hoped for, but I've now completed the latest addition to the Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue. After a good night's sleep I'm feeling much better than yesterday. Earlier this evening I had a nice chat with my mother (who is starting to feel better again) and my sister, then I started pulling together the pictures from a great summer evening on Islay:

You might remember the Bowmore panorama and the Saligo Bay in the evening panorama I wrote about last weekend. This latest addition to the travelogue brings the two panoramas together with further pictures from the evening: Loch Indaal and Saligo Bay. You will find a larger version of the picture above on it as well as several more.

It was a quite windy and fairly cold evening considering that it was June, but the light made up for it many times. The golden sand, the green seaweed, the black and grey rocks, the white and blue and grey sea, just brilliant.

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