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Friday, 21/Mar/2008

Birdwatching in Islay (Peru)

Quite a lot of people will think of the Isle of Islay when they think of birdwatching. In particular the Geese attract a lot of visitors every year. Not to forget the Choughs or the Golden Eagles which can be seen on Islay and neighbouring Jura. A species I believe you are quite unlikely to see on Islay is the Sanderling (Calidris alba). For that one you might want to consider travelling to the other Islay, the Islay in Peru:

Flickr user hogsas, a Norwegian living in Peru, has uploaded quite a few bird pictures, others can be found in his Birds in Peru blog. Among his pictures are six pictures labelled Islay. In particular this view of the Sanderlings as well as this picture of mostly Sanderlings somehow reminded me of the geese on Islay. I'll let you figure out why ;-)

The pictures seem to be from a day in the Mejía Wetlands 15.03.08, you can see more in this blog entry. Slightly different spelling, but there is also a Yura outside Arequipa with more birds. Quite different to the birds you'll find on the Isle of Jura though I suspect.

Considering that Bruichladdich once invited the Mayor of Islay I'm wondering if the RSPB on Islay should build a partnership with the birdwatchers in Islay, Peru?

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