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Friday, 21/Mar/2008

Friday Islay Picture (52)

May be I should have called this entry Good Friday Islay Picture, not just Friday Islay Picture. But then the numbering wouldn't have worked, so I left it as Friday Islay Picture. I thought about taking something from the Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue page I completed today, the Afternoon Islay Rainbow. But I decided against it and went for a quite different view from Islay:

Picture of a shoreline with dramatic cliffs and beaches

Biggerise the view over Tràigh Bhàn and Dùn Bheolain

This is a view from Cnoc Uamh nam Fear (128m) near Sanaigmore, looking south over Tràigh Bhàn and Dùn Bheolain. Saligo Bay and Machir Bay are partly visible behind it. I had walked here from Sanaigmore Bay, following the shoreline initially as far as that's possible, then just discovering the hills and cliffs in the area. The views were quite impressive, fingers crossed that some of the panoramas will work out so that I can share them with you.

It's been a mostly rotten day weatherwise here in Swindon from where I'm writing this. Sunny intervals, yes, but interrupted by nasty hail showers and hail storms. Quite windy as well. The outlook for the next few days isn't much different, so I should be able to make good progress on the panoramas, pictures and travelogue.

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