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Monday, 24/Mar/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #28

Slightly later than usual, I blame the Easter weekend and getting confused with the timing. But I can't let you miss out on the summary of what the blogs have been writing about Islay last week, so I'm catching up this morning. If you're back at work already or are able to still read this at home, here's what I found about Islay (and Jura) in the blogs:

A belated happy birthday to Ruth, who celebrated her birthday recently. The reason for mentioning this? She received a birthday card from Laphroaig.

Sticking with the whisky, Laphroaig - still challenging after all these years? is the question Discover Whisky is asking.

Any readers from Germany (and in particular in or near Munich) might be interested in the Munich Whisky & Bar Festival. According to BITTERS BLOG: Eine Ode an den Whisky oder trinken unter Anleitung one of the highlights will be Bruichladdich's Jim McEwan. Another visitor from Islay I could find in programme is Billy Stitchell of Caol Ila.

Something I had missed on the same blog is that one of the authors was recently given an Ardbeg 1965 miniature. I can think of someone who will quite likely be a bit jealous: Tom of the ardblog. If it's any consolation he can at least say Islay wir kommen! (Islay, here we come).

Picture of the entrance to Islay airport

Travelling to or from Islay, travelling by plane will now be a little bit safer, even though the latest security measures leave the guys at Bruichladdich a bit baffled. The picture is ‘pre-bollards’, you can see the shadows of the cars parked on the other side. The narrow entrance to the car park with a nasty cattle grid is a guesstimated 50 yards (if that) behind from where the picture was taken...

Mark isn't very happy with the latest with rules for single vs blended malts, as he demonstrates in the New Whisky Game posting.

From whisky to walking: Becky has been walking again, from Kilnaughton to Coillabus to be precise. Unfortunately not a good day for photos, but still a good view to Port an Eas.

Walking and birdwatching often go together, the Islay Birds blog had a lot of sightings again: Louise Gregory now reports her sightings from Jura and Islay, the first bumble bees were also seen. There were 62 Whooper Swans at Loch Gruinart. Later in the week the lapwings were calling out as ‘winter’ returned.

Jeremy Hastings watched Pale Bellied Brents and later in the week spotted a Goshawk. More from him in the Islay Nature Report 11 - Happy Easter.

Ron celebrates his 500th blog post and compiles an Islay News Roundup first-half March 2008.

From Port Ellen Elliot keeps us up to date with the ships arriving on Islay, among them the M.V Nord Star (which I think needs a bit of paint) and the M.V Boisterous. Last weekend the M.V Hebridean Princess dropped in, while I was aware that she is a regular visitor I didn't know that some of the journeys are so early in the year.

Here's a Jura sunset from Gigha, posted by Alice from a gallery on the Isle of Gigha. I hope to see more from there, after all there are great views over Islay and Jura to be had from Gigha.

That's about it for this week. As usual the link to the Scottish Roundup, different to me they were on time with An unholy union for Scotland, a financial hell for everyone else. More next weekend, hopefully back to the regular schedule then.

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