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Tuesday, 25/Mar/2008

Islay Hotel First Floor Ceiling

Picture of a forklift truck delivering concrete flooring to a crane

In the last entry about the Port Ellen Hotel, A Kitchen for the Islay Hotel, I mentioned that there was more to come and illustrated it with a picture of prefabricated stairs and flooring. Today with the latest pictures from Islay I can show you how it progressed from there as they have started to put the flooring for the first floor into place. All the views are of the northern end, or in other words in the kitchen area again, starting with the floor sections being moved over to where they were needed.

Picture of a crane lifting concrete flooring

A crane is then used to lift the sections into place. I wonder how heavy one of these sections might be? I guess you wouldn't want any of those fall on your feet, let alone head...

Picture of concrete flooring being set down

Finally each of the sections is set down in its place. For the time being this provides a nice frame for the outbuildings, as soon as the walls go in this view will be gone.

Looking at the same section from behind you can see nicely how large the now covered section is. It also provides an answer to the question about the little wall stub I was wondering about last week: That's the small wall section next to the pillar on the right.

Picture of the ground floor of a building with the ceiling just put in place

That's all I have for now. Well, I could have posted something else, but I decided to hold back on that picture until tomorrow. That will give you approx 24 hours (probably slightly less, more like 22 hours hopefully) to guess what it might show. It is not of the hotel. It is from Port Ellen. It shows a first for Islay/ Port Ellen this year. Feel free to leave your guesses/ suggestions what it might be in the comments. I'm afraid I can't offer any prize, only the honour and satisfaction if your guess was right or at least close.

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