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Friday, 04/Apr/2008

Friday Islay Picture (54)

This Friday Islay picture represents a number of lasts: No, don't worry, it's not the last Friday Islay picture. But it will be the last one I'm going to post from Swindon, as I'm planning to complete most of my move to Aldermaston Wharf this weekend. It will also be the last one I'm posting before leaving for my next visit to Islay. Today's picture won't be a big surprise then:

Picture of a group of walkers on a beach against the bright sunlight

Yes, I'm off to WalkIslay again, less than a week until I leave for Islay. The picture was taken during last years Islay walking week, during the Killinallan Walk. We had fantastic weather during the Islay Walking Week 2007, fingers crossed we will get something similar again this year!

I've written about the Islay Walking Week WalkIslay 2008 Programme back in January, there isn't anything really I can add at this point. Last year I did a bit of ‘live blogging’ from the week, I'm not sure yet if I'm going to do it again or if I'm going to take a break from the laptop this year. I certainly won't take a break from taking pictures though, so sooner or later there will be a lot of new Islay pictures.

With that thought I'll leave you for the weekend, have a great weekend whereever you are and whatever your plans are! Oh, and keep your fingers crossed that I can get some mobile broadband sorted out tomorrow (and that it will work in the new flat), so that I can keep Islay blogging next week until my normal broadband has been transferred.

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