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Sunday, 06/Apr/2008

The Islay Corner in my New Home

Picture of a canal after heavy snowfall

If you were hoping to read an Islay blogging roundup here today I'm afraid I have to disappoint you. While I have plenty of Islay links collected for a good roundup I just didn't have the time to write it this afternoon. Fairly unexpectedly (yes, I know they forecasted it, but still) my view over the Kennet and Avon Canal was rather white this morning. This delayed my departure to Swindon to pick up more stuff by a few hours, causing me to run rather late.

Picture of a shelf with various Islay related things

To compensate for the lack of a roundup I thought I share a view of one of the first shelves I set up in my new home: On the top of it a little ‘Islay corner’. Not everything is Islay, the clock is Mackintosh and the books are Iain Banks. But the whiskies are all Islay, obviously. As is the antler, picked up during an Islay walking week several years ago (with thanks to Donald James MacPhee who pointed it out to me and let me keep it). The Round Church and the water jug are both courtesy of Persabus Pottery. Only my Islay books are missing, they are still hiding somewhere in one of the various boxes. Sooner or later I'll find them.

If everything goes to plan I'll catch up on the roundup tomorrow. Good night for now!

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