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Monday, 07/Apr/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #30

With a few more shelves set up in my new home (but not filled yet) and the first warm meal ready it's time to catch up on the Islay blogging roundup I didn't manage to write yesterday. Then again the roundup will take a break for approx two weeks as I won't be writing one while I'm on Islay for WalkIslay 2008. So what have the blogs been writing about Islay while I was busy with moving house?

Let me start with a German blog, the blog belonging to one of the four Germans on Islay and creator of the video: He writes about the joys of business travel and still creating great Islay travel videos. For those with a fast connection and unlimited download (unfortunately not me at the moment, while mobile broadband is better than expected it is not great for 60mb videos) there are large (as in fullscreen) versions of the videos available for download. Also try Schottland und Technik for a wonderful picture from their ferry crossing to Islay.

There are more blog entries about visits to Islay:

In Eye To The Telescope: Memories Of Islay David (better known as Reg The Birder) writes about his fond memories of a birdwatching visit to Islay in May 2006.

Mainly about the distillery visits and the gorgeous B&B (unfortunately without mentioning the name) writes mlove thoughts: i heart islay.

The Ravenous Rambler also visited Islay, he went mainly for rambling and birdwatching. No mention of food though, I hope that's not a bad sign.

Mark Lewis went to Islay 31st March - 2nd April, yet more galavanting for some birdwatching and seabird survey training. The surveys were of mixed success, the rough weather wasn't very helpful on some occasions.

Tansy Whitebytts says it was cold on Islay, but the views were stunning. Unfortunately I currently can't see any of the pictures as Vodafone completely blocks Flickr through their Content control.

I think that's enough Islay visits for now, let's move on to a few other things:

Golf for example: Ranfurly Castle Golf Club: Ranfurly Castle Ladies Success at Islay Open. Four of the members won prizes in the recent Islay Ladies Open.

The Redfield Consulting's blog writes Islay community steps up for tidal, a topic Ron covers in some detail in Islay Pioneer for Tidal Energy Project. This topic will receive a lot of coverage in the blogs over the next few years I expect, depending on how the project progresses. The idea as such is not entirely new, as in my entry Wave Power and Renewable Energy on Islay from over a year ago I already linked to the Catching the power of the sea article in The Guardian (which in turn was from September 2006).

Elliott continues his Islay shipping updates with news of the Islay Ferry Service 06/04/08 and the M.V Boisterous.

IslayIan reports of the Consol Championship at Islay High School, with Russell achieving the highest score in the Wii bowling.

Ron in the meantime promises a page that can make a lot of people happy, well, if we can believe him that is.

What about the whisky? Plenty of that as well:

Regular readers will know the video, but not with a Spanish (or is it Catalan? Joan, help me out here?) comment written about it: Malt whisky: Mal temps a Islay. It seems to create some interest, quite a few comments on the entry. Unfortunately I can't understand any of it.

Doug Smith from Tulsa, Oklahoma, enjoyed some Bunnahabhain for the first time and tries to inform his readers about the pronounciation. He's not very confident they will be able to order it in the (baseball?) park though...

The Luxist writes about The Growing Controversy Over Blended Scotch Whisky, something I expect Mark Reynier will be pleased about. Having brought up the issue he continues to write about it in Blandola SWA and SWA Double Speak.

Bowmore Islay single malt whisky is in the mind of Syrbastyian. He couldn't drink whisky for many years, but with the help of a friend and Bowmore learned to enjoy it.

Last but not least the birdwatching:

Ian and his contributors on the Islay Birds blog had a busy week with lots of sightings again: Despite the cold spell various early migrants have arrived while on Islay you can watch Peregrine Falcons while hanging up the laundry. On Thursday the first Swallow of the year was spotted while on Wednesday a day out counting deer proved also useful for some birdspotting. They will be leaving soon, but the latest goose count brought 44,730 Barnies and 6,941 Whitefronts (and no, that wasn't an April Fools).

Jeremy writes about Wildwood Wisdom on the beach (with some lovely pictures) after writing about a 24hr Stag earlier in the week. Not a stag of the animal variety, no, a stag do. Seems they don't all have to involve getting drunk. More from Jeremy in Ron's Islay Nature Report 13 - Red Deer.

That's about it for this roundup. I hope you found something interesting among the various entries. I'll leave you for now with the usual reference to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture and this week's Recess? What recess? Good night!

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