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Friday, 11/Apr/2008

Friday Islay Picture (55) from the road

After a frantic search for the ferry ticket (yes, I found it) I left slightly later than planned last night but am now well on schedule on my way to Islay. As the mobile broadband works very well here in Carlisle (I've stayed in Carlisle over night) I thought I quickly post a Friday Islay picture before the likely break for the next week. Here is a view of one of the places on Islay we are going to visit during the first walk of the WalkIslay walking week tomorrow, Finlaggan:

Picture of a loch (lake) with a few small islands

In almost exactly 24 hours from me writing this we will leave for the first walk for what I hope to be yet another fabulous Islay walking week. Assuming the ferry is on time I'll arrive on Islay in almost exactly 8 hours from writing this. Yay!

If you can't join us for the walks two quick Islay links before I sign off, a sad and a happy one:

Back in 2006 I wrote about the Dangers of the Sea, mentioning the body of a man washed up in Saligo Bay. Two years later the man still hasn't been identified, so a New appeal to identify Islay body has been issued by the Missing People charity. May be spreading the word again might help to finally identify him?

On a much more positive note news reached me last night that Michael Thompson of Bruichladdich now has the owl cams ready for Owl TV. Happy viewing!

With that I'm signing off, as mentioned before, there might be an update or two from Islay during the week, there might not.

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