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Sunday, 04/May/2008

Islay Ferry Rainbow

Let me start this entry with a big thank you to the man with the horsebox. I don't know how comfortable he is with seeing his name blasted out on the web, so for the time being he'll remain anonymus. Either way, he helped me to pretty much finish the move today by transporting my larger furniture from Swindon to Aldermaston in said horsebox. This means I now have my desk again with the full dual monitor setup and everything else I need for cask strength Islay blogging. Setting it all up took longer than I had expected, leaving only time for another Islay related picture instead of the Islay Blogging roundup I had hoped to write today:

Picture of a small rainbow visible in the spray of the bow wave of a ship

Now this isn't a full rainbow, just a tiny fraction of a rainbow, but I still think it looks nice. This was just over two weeks ago, on the ferry from Islay to the mainland. I spotted tiny rainbows forming in the spray being blown up from the bow wave of the ferry. They only lasted for very short periods before disappearing again, only to be replaced by another mini rainbow. I took a number of pictures, this being one of the better results.

The picture doesn't fully reflect what I saw and felt, it is just the snapshot of a moment. Nevertheless I hope that it conveys a little of the atmosphere, the nice light combined with the brisk winds.

With that thought I'm off to bed, I'm quite tired after all that furniture carrying. Assuming everything goes to plan more Islay blogging tomorrow, most likely with an Islay Blogging roundup.

Good night!

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