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Monday, 05/May/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #31

The last Islay Blogging Roundup was almost exactly a month ago, I'll have to slowly ease back into the habit of collecting input and writing it weekly. This Bank Holiday Monday is a good time to start with it. Here are some of the blogs and blog entries about Islay and Jura I spotted over the last few weeks:

Let me start with the new ‘kid’ on the block: John Armitage recently started Islay Birder, the third birding and birdwatching blog from Islay. His latest entry is from today and describes a frustrating as well as very enjoyable day. Two weeks ago he wrote about territorial Hen Harries and young Ravens.

Not to be outdone Ian's Islay Birds recently celebrated its first birthday! Happy Birthday again! In addition there were Yellowhammers, a group of Whimbrel and most importantly news of the first Corncrake being heard for this year.

Jeremy Hastings has been busy as well, spotting Peregrine, Owls and Bats, spending seven days in the wilderness and watching Whooper Swans and Red Deer. More from him in Ron's Islay Nature Report 16 - Spring, Islay Nature Report 15 - Isle of Texa or Islay Nature Report 14 - Barn Owls.

Anyone who can understand Portuguese and help translating this?: Projecto Bico-vermelho: Os abrigos de Islay seems to be about Choughs and how to increase their numbers. It also mentions Islay, which is well known for its Chough population and the various efforts to help them find nesting places.

From birdwatching to other activities, let me start with sailing:

Dave and John are sailing round Britain and recently stopped in Port Ellen on Islay. They had arrived from Ireland earlier. They left Islay on a Speed run through the Sound of Islay to travel on to Mull.

Do I hear you asking for whisky? OK, whisky next:

The Bruichladdich Blog writes about the New Valinch and the first cask they ever filled which was for Ruari. Not to forget the continued fight against blanded whisky with 1100 Say No!

It took a while to make its way to Germany, but finally the Germans have picked it up: Trainspotting war gestern - Spot the whisky barrel! Now let's see if all those German engineers can crack it and calculate it correctly...

Simon Majumdar visited Islay last year to work at Kilchoman Distillery for a week. He wrote about it previously, somewhere in the archives you'll find the links. He has now revisited his visit and written another entry, Islay: Three Men and a Still.

From whisky to a bit of travel:

Tom Paine visited Islay in a high performance sports car, I'm not sure how much joy he had with it on Islay's roads. He mentions being overtaken by a Landrover towing a trailer though, picture of his car in this entry. A few pictures of the car and some of Islay at Journey's End.

The Ravenous Rambler wrote about a walk to the American monument on Islay and a visit to Jura. There's also a review of the Harbour Inn in Bowmore and a post about Whisky galore!

Tom from the ardblog is planning his next visit, among others he's planning to see Islay Oysters. In the meantime he's also watching Schleiereulen-TV auf Islay and declares Ich liebe Spar (in particular the ones on Islay).

I think with that I'll close the first roundup after starting it up again, there should be more next Sunday at the normal schedule. As usual also the link to the Scottish Roundup, this week with Tartan Special Goes Dutch Memorial Edition after last weeks There’s nothing like a lack of petrol to fuel the blogosphere. Thank you for your patience, I hope you enjoyed the return of the roundup and found something interesting.

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