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Wednesday, 07/May/2008

From Antarctica to Islay

For a change I'm going to send you away from Islay today. Although towards the end you can return to Islay. I think there might be a few bird- and/or sealwatchers among my readers and the blog I found today is probably of interest for them. It's the blog of Stephen Boulton, who just returned from an 18 months stay in Antarctica:

I'm not entirely sure what he did there exactly after my first quick scan of his blog, but he stayed at Rothera with the British Antarctic Survey. More importantly he documented his stay with many pictures in his blog Antarctic Adventure. You can see examples of some of the wildlife at Lagoon Island, watch Adelie Penguins on a glorious day or take a look at Crevasse Ice formations. There's much more (a lot I haven't seen myself yet), but those three pages should give you a flavour.

There is a link to Islay in all this though. Stephen is from Scotland and after his return his wife and kids went to Islay for a long weekend as his first holiday. A great way to celebrate the return to Scotland...

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