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Thursday, 08/May/2008

The First Octomore is Being Bottled

The rumour has been out for a while, today it was made official: Islay's new peatiest whisky is being bottled today. Until now I believe that claim fell to Ardbeg, now the crown has passed on to Bruichladdich. Not only is this interesting from an Islay news point of view, it also has some significance for me personally:

Low resolution scan of an Octomore certificate

I own one case of Octomore Futures.

While I didn't have the foresight to buy them as early as 2002 I was clever enough to snap up one of the last cases being sold of this first edition. I hadn't expected it to be bottled until earliest 2010 or even 2012, but Jim has decided it is ready now.

I'm not sure yet when I'll be on Islay next, latest in October but hopefully earlier. Assuming Bruichladdich agrees to it I'm planning to collect from the distillery, so in worst case I'll have to wait for another five months. Having waited for several years already and having expected to wait for a few years more a few more weeks or even months won't really make a difference.

Once I have it I'll follow up with some ‘tasting notes’...

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