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Sunday, 11/May/2008

Islay Kayak Circumnavigation

That's a very busy weekend almost over. After two days of sorting out various administrative tasks and finally unpacking the remaining boxes in the new flat as well as cleaning the old flat I finally find some time to sit down and think about Islay blogging again. With a nice pint of Angus Og from Islay Ales and a bar of chocolate I think I'll send you out to look at a few interesting pictures and views of Islay.

Keith Robertson from Fachwen in Wales seems to be a quite active person, engaging in sea kayaking, rock climbing and cycling. Luckily for us he documents his activities with pictures, many of which you can see in his Flickr picture sets. Three in particular are of interest from an Islay and Jura point of view:

Islay May 2008 is probably the most interesting set (and the one through which I discovered his pictures). Over the last week Keith and his kayaking partner Anne Vowles (she features in a number of other sets) successfully circumnavigated Islay with their kayaks. They had quite a lot of excellent weather, some pictures look more Caribbean than Hebridean some might argue.

Two years ago their attempt to circumnavigate Islay was stopped by force 8 wind, but there are still a few nice pictures available in the Islay May 2006 set. I quite like the view from Texa over to Lagavulin (at least that's what I think it is).

Last but not least there is the Sound of Jura from June 2004. From Crinan they crossed the Sound of Jura, then followed the Jura coast down to the Sound of Islay. Here they ran out of time (they had planned to circumnavigate Jura) and returned across the Sound of Jura to Crinan.

PS: If you were expecting the Islay Blogging Roundup this evening I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you until tomorrow. It got too late today to write it (takes a while to pull it all together), but I'm aiming to catch up on Monday. Good night for now.

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